Transports in Sicily and Calabria

Reliable and precise deliveries

Mediblea Trasporti was established 14 years ago, when two companies that already worked in the transportation industry in Sicily and Calabria decided to merge: Natale Giuseppe’s Ditta Autotrasporti and the Società Sicur Trasporti. The resources of these two companies improved the services for the clients and the vehicles available. Thanks to the competence and previous contacts, it has quickly become a reliable partner for small and big companies.

Mediblea is able to organize transports for companies in many sectors and for various types of goods. However, it is especially focused on the mass-market retailers, providing temperature-controlled transports with new and equipped vehicle fleet. Thanks to its reliability and on time deliveries Mediblea has managed to establish a long-lasting and stable partnership with CEDI-ERGON-NEW FDM SPA, some of the famous mass-market retailers that chose this company to deliver their goods in Sicily and Calabria.


Mediblea Trasporti counts on more than 50 employees, most of them are drivers who take care of the logistics and deliveries. 10 employees take care of the paperwork and the customer care relations, they receive the requests and answer to every question, providing help in case of need.
Currently the logistic and operational office is in Ragusa. There is also a warehouse to store the goods, which is larger than 300 m2, where the trucks start their everyday route to satisfy the requests of the clients in Sicily.
The vehicle fleet includes 45 vehicles, suitable for the temperature-controlled transportation. They include:

  • Isothermal articulated lorries for the goods that need to be kept at low temperature, all equipped with hydraulic self-loading tailgates;
  • Articulated lorries with curtainsider and hydraulic self-loading tailgate;
  • Isothermal engines for low temperature goods, with hydraulic self-loading tailgate.

All vehicles are recent, EURO 6 certified and environmentally friendly. Furthermore they have GPS trackers for their safety and for the safety of the clients’ goods. The company is always operative and it guarantees its services 24/24 in Sicily and Calabria.