Logistic services management


Mediblea’s team boasts many years of experience in managing every phase of the logistics in Sicily and Calabria.
The company is deeply specialized in the transportation of finished products from big warehouses to mass-market retail stores and this has inevitably resulted in its higher specialization in this market sector.
The rational organization of the resources and processes and the optimization of the costs are today the key requirements of any company’s management. For this reason, Mediblea has recently renovated its vehicles and opted for avant-garde technological tools to manage the warehouse and the transports. In order to operate in an effective way, many skills are today required: IT, statistics, new technologies and services to manage the warehouse. Furthermore, it is important to establish collaborative partnerships with the clients. The goal is to improve the quality of every service, which is an essential element to succeed in expanding the company.


Mediblea has worked for years in the transportation industry, offering its clients the chance to store their goods in its warehouse.
The company’s efficiency and its constant improvement in its services are not only aimed to make the company grow but also to help the others, especially its clients.
It is a reliable partner, with a clear vision and strong programming skills, which enabled its employees to organize the company’s processes and the virtuous circle the supply chain management aims to.


The efficient management of the logistic services is part of the supply chain management and the integration between clients and providers, which are getting more and more important for the company’s growth. Measuring the performance, improving the processes and reducing the costs are essential features, but the operations needs to be standard and automatic, in order to create the right interconnections.
Mediblea, focusing on the organization of the logistic services in Sicily and Calabria, supports the development of its clients’ supply chain management.