Reliable transports in Sicily and Calabria

Temperature controlled transports

Mediblea’s goal is to provide reliable transports in Sicily and Calabria and top quality services for its clients.
The logistic skills of its employees and the chance to customize the services according to the specific need of the clients make it a perfect partner for every company, especially for the food companies and the mass-market retailers.
The deliveries are guaranteed and precise in Sicily and Calabria and they are all insured against all liabilities.
The vehicle fleet includes 45 vehicles.
The huge amount of temperature-controlled vehicles enables the company to satisfy the needs of many clients who need this type of transportation. The service is provided all year round, 24/24.
All vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers, which guarantee the safety of the goods and an efficient tracking system to detect the exact position of the shipment at any time.
Mediblea guarantees safe and transparent relations with its clients, in order to establish trusted relations and to facilitate the management of the logistic services and the clients’ goods.


Thanks to its reliable transportation services in Sicily and Calabria, Mediblea has established solid partnerships with many important mass-market retailers like ERGON-CEDI-NEW FDM SPA.
Every day its vehicles deliver fresh and packaged products in Sicily and Calabria. Precise and punctual deliveries are important in this sector, because perishable goods have a limited life and if you deliver them too late you may cause an economic damage to the clients and a disservice to the citizens.
Every morning perfect timing, freshness and quality!